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Best Entry Level Jobs In The U.S. Now


When you're starting out in your career, it can be tempting to go after the best-paying jobs. But while they might sound like a good idea on paper, they don't always work well in practice. 

It’s a good idea to start your career in an entry level position. The first job you get will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of the industry or business, gain experience, build networks, and see what interests and skills are most useful for your career. Getting a sense of these things will help you choose which professional field is right for your future growth and development.

Entry level jobs are an important part of the workforce. They help new graduates or people without a college degree, get their footing in the working world and provide valuable experience that can lead to professional growth down the road. In this post, we will discuss what makes a job an entry level one, then list the best entry level jobs in America so you know where to start your search for employment. Here are some great options to get you thinking:


Sales representative 

Sales reps are the face of companies all over the world, and they play a vital role in any company's success. They're out in the field, getting your brand into the hands and minds of consumers. Aspiring sales reps have many options to choose from when it comes to companies that offer entry-level positions, but these five stand out for their benefits packages, pay rates and opportunities for advancement:


Event manager 

Event managers are responsible for coordinating and planning events, from small meetings to large-scale conferences. They may work with clients, vendors and other event planners to ensure that events run smoothly. Event managers are also responsible for the overall success of an event and are often in charge of hiring staff and overseeing budgets. 

Entry level: Entry level positions require a bachelor's degree in business or related field. The median annual wage is $51,390 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).


Social media manager 

A social media manager is someone who manages the accounts of a company and creates content for them. They need to be good at writing, and should have an education in communications, marketing or journalism. Their job duties include managing all of the company's social media accounts, as well as creating new content for those accounts that will drive people to follow them and stay interested in what the company has to say. Social media managers can expect very strong growth through 2026 as more businesses realize how valuable it is to have a presence on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. 

Marketing assistant 

Marketing assistants are responsible for a wide range of activities, from data entry and research to brainstorming with marketing managers about new ad campaigns. If you're interested in pursuing this kind of career, there are several ways to get started. 

A bachelor's degree in marketing or communications is usually required for this position; however, it can be helpful if you have a related internship experience as well. 

According to PayScale's Salary Survey (as of May 2017), the average hourly wage for a marketer assistant is $15 per hour; however, those at the bottom end of this range earn around $12 per hour while those at the top earn between $16-$19 per hour. 

 Personal trainer

Personal training is a great job for people who love working with people and enjoy being active. A personal trainer will work with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals, whether that's losing weight, bulking up or toning up. Personal trainers can work in gyms, health clubs, private homes and more or even can offer workouts virtually. If you have knowledge about exercise, workouts or proper diet habits, there are people making a very good living offering these services to clients. Never underestimate what you know can't be turned into a very good income. Your passion equals opportunity!

 Security guard 

Security guards are responsible for the safety of people and property. They work in a variety of settings, including retail stores, hospitals, schools and office buildings. Security guards have to be able to keep calm under pressure while they perform their duties. 

These professionals are often hired by businesses or organizations that want to protect their property and people. As a security guard, you will be expected to patrol the area where you’re assigned with a walkie-talkie radio or cell phone in hand so that you can communicate with others if needed. You will check doors regularly while checking ID's of people entering these areas as well as make sure nobody enters without permission from management staff members tasked with maintaining control over who accesses certain areas within your organization’s building(s). You may also monitor surveillance equipment installed at entrances/exits which record footage from inside cameras placed throughout each location being monitored by using software applications installed on computers.


Customer Service Representative 

If you're just starting out in your career and are looking for a job that won't require any experience, then a customer service representative is the perfect fit. Customer service representatives answer calls, emails and social media inquiries from customers. They also work closely with other departments in their company to ensure that customers find the right solutions to their problems. customer service representatives ranked #4 overall for 2 with an average base salary of $41K per year (and many companies offer signing bonuses). The high ranking likely reflects how much more important it is now than ever before for businesses to have great reputations online — which means there are plenty of opportunities available at all sorts of organizations from big brands like Amazon or Google all the way down through small local businesses like restaurants or coffee shops and many of these jobs can be done with just a phone and headset from home.


Medical Assistant 

Medical Assistants work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics and private offices. They assist physicians by performing a wide range of duties to help patients get the most out of their healthcare experience. Tasks include taking patient histories and recording symptoms; administering injections or intravenous fluids; preparing patients for examinations; operating medical equipment such as x-ray machines; assisting with surgery; mixing medications in preparation for dispensing them; collecting specimens for testing/treatment via lab equipment like blood pressure monitors (the "tube sock" used at blood drives), etc.


Data Entry Clerk


What is a data entry clerk? 

A data entry clerk prepares and enters various types of data, including financial information and other records. They may also be called upon to format, proofread, and spell-check text for publication purposes. Data entry clerks should have basic computer skills, but most importantly they must enjoy working on a computer keyboard for long periods at a time without becoming bored. 

Who are the qualifications for being a data entry clerk? 

Data entry clerks need to have excellent eye/hand coordination since they will be typing quickly and accurately all day long. Many times you need to do multiple entries at one time so you need clear thinking skills as well as good mental agility. You should also pay attention to details because if you make mistakes you could lose your job or cause problems with the company’s records that would cost them lots of money later on down the road when someone notices what happened! If this sounds like something that might interest you then keep reading!


Truck Driver 

If you’re looking for a job that will give you the freedom to drive while still being able to earn a good wage, truck driving is perfect. Truck drivers have the option of working from home or at the office as many companies allow their employees to work remotely. If you want to go on more trips and see more places, this is also a great job for that. 

Trucking involves quite a bit of paperwork which means there are some very specific requirements before you can get behind the wheel. You must first obtain your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) which requires passing written exams as well as taking driving tests. For more information about how exactly this all works out check out our article here.


Office Clerk 


Office clerks are responsible for a variety of tasks, including answering phones, filing and typing. Office clerks usually work in an office setting, but their responsibilities can vary depending on the business they're working for. For example, an office clerk at a bank might spend most of their time making copies and filing paperwork while an office clerk at a restaurant may be responsible for greeting customers as they enter or assisting with seating arrangements. 

Regardless of what type of job you're looking for in this field or even if you've never worked before, there are some basic skills that are necessary to secure employment as an office clerk: 

Customer service skills - As the first person who greets people when they walk into a business establishment (unless there's someone else manning the front desk), it's important that you have excellent customer service skills so that your efforts don't go unnoticed by those who visit frequently and bring others along with them! In addition to being friendly towards customers themselves, having experience dealing with other employees' needs will also help them feel welcome too. 

Punctuality - Being punctual means arriving early enough before work begins so that any last-minute errands can be taken care care before clocking out later during lunch break; however because technology has advanced so much over recent years now days many employers actually allow workers who live close enough together outside city limits where there aren't many options available nearby like restaurants or stores etcetera."


Sales Professional 


A sales professional is a person who uses their knowledge of sales techniques to sell products or services. Sales professionals can work for many different industries and businesses, making them an important and versatile part of the workforce. A typical day for a sales professional can range from cold-calling potential customers, attending trade shows and conventions, visiting clients' offices or stores and following up with results from previous sales calls. Most people who are employed as sales professionals have at least some college education, but it's not necessary to be successful in this position. 

There are many entry-level positions available for those interested in pursuing a career as a sales professional. The average salary that's associated with this job is $45k annually; however there are many factors that will affect how much money you make including your experience level within the field as well as where exactly you live (because certain locations command higher salaries). For example: if you live near New York City chances are good that you'll make more money than someone who lives in Wyoming since living costs tend to be higher in large metropolitan areas such as NYC versus other parts of the U.S.


Content Marketing Specialist / Copywriter 

Content marketing specialists are in high demand, and for good reason. This job is an excellent way for new grads to gain experience in their field and make a name for themselves. As a content marketer, you can use your creative talents to create blog posts and articles that bring readers closer to your company's brand. You'll also be tasked with writing press releases, creating infographics and other social media content as well as working on video projects for companies. You could even work as an independent contractor who writes content for multiple businesses at once. 

Even though this position is entry level, it offers plenty of room to grow within the industry; many content marketers move into more senior roles within their companies or find freelance opportunities where they get paid by the hour or project basis instead of receiving an annual salary and of course, you can do some of these jobs at home and save the gas money!.



Entry level jobs are good beginnings for your career in many ways. They give you the chance to learn about different industries and get a taste of what it's like working in them. They also provide exposure to new skills and opportunities for advancement that may not have existed before.

We hope our job list helps you find the perfect position for your career. We know how hard it can be to find that first job, and we want all of our readers to succeed! Good luck, and you can beging your search right here on JobNetwork..com. Thank you for reading!